Nice Hallway, Check.

We always dream of how we want our living rooms to be like, and we always invest a lot of money and time in deciding what color shall we paint our bedroom or in picking the perfect color combination for your kitchen.  Yet we always forget the hallways that connect these spaces together, they are in no way less important.

Hallways vary in width, length, and shape. Yet they are good spaces to add just the right thing your house was missing all that time. Here We will explore some ideas to transform your hallway into a destination on its own.

  • Customize a display space and get more storage. If you have a spacious hallway that could fit a cabinetry, you probably don’t want to leave without one. these cabinets are display areas for your art collection, the display shelf on top is perfect for this souvenir you brought from Aswan, or for that shell you picked from the Sinai.


  • Use a lively rug. For a dramatic look to your hallway, opt for a long extended rug. And to lighten up your hallway, choose a colorful one. use a rug with vertical stripes to make your hallway feel longer, or choose one with horizontal stripes to make it feel wider.


  • If you have a relatively wide hallway, then make your own wall of fame. Use frames of different sizes, shapes, and colors with pictures of family, artwork, and mirrors to add warmth to your space and make that walk to your bedroom more entertaining. You may also add decorative elements to that same wall and make it more artsy.


  • Light it up. Hallways are always dark. Most interior designers tend to skip adding natural light access to hallways in their planning. This is why you may need to add light pendants to your hallways, and decorative colored pendants are your best option.


  • If you are the classic type, use Panelling to add a decorative warm touch to your hallway and protect your walls from scrapes and marks.


  • Create a decorative mural. Select wallpaper that makes your hallway more distinct and alive. By that, I don’t mean small patterned wallpaper but rather choose one that is rich in elements.