A Kitchen is a Living Space: Location

The kitchen is that part of the house you end up being in more than you usually think. Whether it’s to make a late night snack, morning breakfast, afternoon tea or your regular lunch. A full house will have its kitchen occupied around the clock.

I promised to take you on a journey that will show you how to build your dream kitchen. So let’s explore together the complexity of this space, and break it down into smaller, more digestible steps.

Laura kitchen by Kitchens & Co.

Our journey begins with locating your kitchen space. Ever wonder whether your kitchen is in the right place? Ever think that had it been swapped with the adjacent room, things would’ve been more convenient?

If you’re about to build your own house, we’ll discuss the criteria essential to locating your kitchen. And if you’re buying a new apartment or house where the space has been predefined, then you need to evaluate the current kitchen’s placement and see if any changes might be necessary. The three main criteria that affect the kitchen location most are: kitchen-site relations, kitchen adjacency and internal space definition.

Kitchen-Site Relations

It’s extremely important to locate your kitchen in relation to where your house is being built and your lifestyle. Whether it’s your main house in Cairo, or a summer house by the beach, you need to be aware of the four compass directions as well as your building orientation, in order to locate the best spot for your kitchen.

You don’t want your kitchen without natural light. Therefore always consider the southern part of your house for the kitchen. This way you’ll always have sunlight in your kitchen all year-long*.

Bauformat kitchen by Kitchens & Co.

If you use your kitchen during early mornings and would like to enjoy the earlier rays, consider placing your kitchen in the southeast part. If you’d rather witness the golden hour later in the afternoon, then have your kitchen be in the southwest part instead.

Keep in mind that due to the changing position of the sun throughout the seasons, more direct light will flood your kitchen during the winter if it’s placed in the southern part of the house.

If you have a special view on your site, such as greenery or a lake, always plan your house with the kitchen overlooking this view. Otherwise you might regret not being able to enjoy the scenery while preparing or having your morning breakfast for instance.

Kitchen Adjacency

There’s a reason why the kitchen space is called the heart of the house. There are rooms that must be adjacent to the kitchen, and others nearby, for things to be convenient and comfortable.

What I call primary adjacency, is when it’s necessary to have these spaces adjacent to the kitchen. Spaces of primary adjacency are the dining space and outdoor, such as a garage, parking or porch.

Häcker kitchen by Zicaza

While the spaces of secondary adjacency are your living room, back porch or your outdoor living for instance. It’s also convenient to keep a bathroom and the bedrooms of close proximity.

Internal Space Definition

You’re still a long way from building your dream kitchen, so to make things easier, below are some architectural guidelines you should follow to save yourself a lot of hassle in the future.

  • Avoid curvy walls. Save this nice front round facade for some other space. It’s almost impossible to furnish a kitchen with concave internal walls.
  • Avoid out of square spaces. Plan your internal walls to incubate the kitchen with 90 degree angled walls. Non right angles will result in wasting storage space once you start furnishing your kitchen.
  • Don’t plan too many doors and passages in your kitchen. If it’s necessary to have these connections, consider knocking down some walls and opening up your kitchen space.
  • Never plan a free column in the center of your kitchen. You’ll have trouble defining your work zones and setting circulation paths later on.

Sounds a bit complicated? Lots of things to keep in mind that aren’t very easy to fully digest, I know. Finding the right spot for your kitchen isn’t an easy topic. But hey, you want the perfect kitchen, don’t you?

Stay tuned for more,
The Kitchen Guy

* Note that Egypt’s sun could be a bit harsh sometimes. Too much direct sunlight for long hours without shades may result in a change of color to your kitchen furniture. We’ll talk about the solution later on in our journey.