A Kitchen is a Living Space: Intro

Throughout time, the definition of a kitchen has been constantly evolving, and it still is to this very day. The one thing that hasn’t changed, is that it remains the heart of every home.

Designing a kitchen is a lengthy process, and requires a deep understanding of both user needs and design elements. It begins by close and constructive communication between you and your kitchen architect. And for you to build the kitchen of your dreams, you have to identify your needs and requirements, along with your lifestyle and aesthetic preferences.

In my set of articles on kitchens, I will take you on a journey to build a clear understanding of what a kitchen is, and help you identify your needs and aesthetic preferences. Let’s begin by explaining the space in your house called a kitchen.

Häcker Kitchen by Zicaza.
Häcker Kitchen by Zicaza.

A kitchen is not merely a space where some cabinets and appliances are placed. It’s more of a living space, where the user experience is at the core of its design process. Hence, we can define a kitchen by looking at it in terms of function and experience.

Ever wondered what are the main functions of a kitchen that are essential to its existence?

Cooking, washing, storing, and preparing food, are the four main functions. Without one of them, the space can’t qualify as a kitchen. For each of these functions, a corresponding object goes along with it. For example, for cooking, a hob and oven are required. For washing, a sink is required. For storage, a fridge and cabinets are required. And to prepare food, a worktop is needed.

Each of the four main functions and their corresponding objects are what form the conventional kitchen. Yet the proper arrangement of these objects, the selection of material, forms, dimensions and colors, are what creates a living space. Which takes us to the other perspective in the way we look at the kitchen, what we call the visceral and behavioral considerations of design.

More on the kitchen as an experience, like how you can identify your preferred kitchen style? What kind of material is best for kitchen use? How do you select your kitchen supplier? That along with many more tips and hacks on the vast world of kitchens are all coming up soon on Beitify.

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